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Automotive and Steel Coating

From Trailer and chassis Coating to Rustproofing Fleet Vehicles for Ford Motor Company Metal Shield resins have a long standing track record of success.
  • Can be applied up to 20 mils without drip or runoff
  • Minimal overspray due to its high solids content.
  • Thixotropic- Sprays evenly at high and low temperatures,
    4°C to 38°C
  • Requires no agitation, no settling of product.
  • Dries to firm film in 2-4 hours.
  • Available at 3.4 V.O.C. to meet compliance regulations.
  • Low pressure at spray tip.
  • Resistant to high pressure and steam cleaning after 24 hours.
  • Low Odor
  • Safe to apply and handle, meets all federal, state and local regulations and is formulated to minimize toxic ingredients.
  • Does not stain, soften, lift or otherwise degrade paint films.
  • Remains pliable and flexible, does not crack or chip.

Metal Shield when applied to your vehicle's entire underbody, wheel wells and firewall, provides a tough,
sound-deadening, high temp barrier that not only reduces road noise but also protects from harsh elements like oils and salt.
The ceramic microspheres dramatically reduce the high heat transfer from the engine compartment and the underbody exhaust system and road heat intrusion.

Commercial transportation users can not only reduce maintainance and replacement expenses but also Improve the thermal comfort of passengers and cargo.

Auto Racing applications: The heat reducing properties of Metal Shield are the best the industry has to offer. Short of bonding Space Shuttle tiles to your auto you will not find a more effective thermal blocking product on the marketplace today.

Bridge Coatings: This product is used over existing coatings systems on bridges to encapsulate lead base paints without lifting the existing coatings.

Marine Applications: When sprayed on the overheads Metal Shield blocks the heat transfer to the lower decks AND eliminates rust. Extremely effective in the coating between the double hulls of new barges.

Utility Compaines: Towers and supporting structures that are exposed to standing water, flooding or chemical exposure.
Pole top and high voltage transformers.

If it needs protection from rusting...
If product or personnel need to be protected from heat....
If it needs to be quieter...

Use Metal Shield!

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