rust preventative,high temperature metal insulating rustproofing coating

auto undercoating, rust proofing, coating for steel

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Rustproofing--Sound Deadening--Insulating
Automotive and Steel Coating

Approvals & Testimonials

Department of the Army, Tank-Automotive Command
Formally approved for type I Corrosion Protection Sept 14,1989. The product has been tested and has proved that it will prevent rust on an area subject to the most severe weather conditions for a period in excess of five (5) years when applied with a cured film thickness of five (5) mils or more.

Ford Motor Co, Approved for application in automotive dealerships and vechicle predelivery service centers. Approved for Ford Motor Co fleet leasing vechicles as supplemental corrosion protection.

Approved for use as a lead paint encapsulating coating and for use as a rust preventative on bridges by,
Department of Transportation state of Arkansas
Department of Transportation state of Kansas
Department of Transportation state of Missouri
Department of Transportation state of Nebraska

Approved for use by ARTCO, Marine Barge Line Division of ADM corp for use on barges to coat between the double hulls as a rust resistant and water displacement coating.

Georgia Power and Light, Approved for use on transmission towers

U.S. Air Force, Used as a rust resistant coating at Davis-Montham AFB on mothballed airplanes to protect and preserve.

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