rust preventative,high temperature metal insulating rustproofing coating

auto undercoating, rust proofing, coating for steel

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Insulating Properties

Metalshield MSDS

Product Description

Chemical Properties

Physical Properties

User History

Product Uses


Rust proofing--Soundproofing--Insulating
Automotive Undercoating and Steel Coating

Physical and Chemical Properties

Weight per Gallon->9 pounds 8 oz
Viscosity Brookfield No. 6 spindle @ 10RPM CPS->3000-6000
Flash Point PMCC ASTM D93, º F->105
Melting Point, º F, (Dry Film)->550

Metal Shield contains a low aromatic solvent with a flash point of 105º F or better. The solvent meets requirements of rule 443 and rule 66. The low aromatic content assures low reactivity of the solvent with other substrates.

Performance: Metal Shield meets MIL-C-83933A (MR) specifications.

Not less than 52.0%...Passes

Shall not support combustion after flame source is removed...Passes

Coating will not crack, peel or chip when bent 180º around a mandrel 3/15" in diameter which has been cooled to -10º ± 2 º F...Passes

No evidence of separation or settling out after 4 cycles of cooling to
-20 º ±1 F and return to 77º ±5º F...Passes

Softening or Dropping points are in excess of 500º F

a) Salt Spray Resistance...Passes b) Salt water immersion...Passes c) Creep-more than 1/4" penetration after 7 days @ 77º ...Passes d) Spray ability...Passes e) Condition to touch...Passes
Flash point, ºF, min 100...Passes
Fire point, ºF, min 105...Passes
Water content, percent max,1.0...Passes

Copper Strip Corrosion:
(3 hours @ 212 ºF) maximum ASTM classification 2e...Passes

Typical salt fog performance: Dry Film 0.5...1000+ 5.0 mils...3000+

Ultraviolet light studies have shown that Metal Shield is resistant to ultraviolet light degration. Most coatings will last only 48 to 72 hours in a QUV tester, Metal Shield showed no deterious effects after 500 hours.

Application Instructions

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