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Automotive and Steel Coating

Insulating Ceramics Thermal Features

The complex blend of microscopic hollow borosilicate ceramic microspheres that gives Metal Shield its insulating and sound deadening properties are of a high shear strength exterior shell with a vacuum inside like mini-thermos bottles.
The microspheres dramatically reduce heat
and sound transfer.
intense high heat protection
Metal Shield uses the same type of ceramic material used in the shuttle heat tiles.
Insulating ceramic materials have unique energy savings properties that reflect heat while dissipating it. The hollow ceramic microspheres thermal reflective quality performs as a radiant heat shield that rejects heat away and outwards from the protected substrate, minimizing absorption into the surface. The hotter the external environment, the more effective the performance of Metal Shield in reducing internal temperatures.

The ceramic particles in Metal Shield compact and interlock as the coating cures creating a tight closed matrix of the vacuum ceramic spheres.
This tightly packed film reduces the path for heat, sound, air and water.

insulating ceramic microspheres

A thin coating of these particles will protect a human hand from a blow torch flame held only an inch away!
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